Monday, May 6

Chinese Language Table

Chinese Language Table 12:00pm

Come and eat lunch with Chinese faculty, Language Fellows and students of Chinese. All are welcome, from beginners to native speakers. The Language Table...

Mission Park  
Benford's Law and Finite Sets of Probability Density Functions

Benford's Law and Finite Sets of Probability... 1:00pm

Joy Jing '13 Mathematics and Statistics Department Thesis Defense Abstract: Many datasets and real-life functions exhibit a leading digit bias, where the...

Bronfman Science Center  
 Blind to Injustice: Ironic Effects of Organizational Diversity Structures

Blind to Injustice: Ironic Effects of... 4:00pm

Cheryl Kaiser, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington will be speaking. Professor Kaiser’s research examines the interplay between...

Bronfman Science Center  
Annual Student Poetry and Fiction Reading

Annual Student Poetry and Fiction Reading 4:00pm

Winners of the annual poetry and fiction contests read from their work

Griffin Hall  
Monthly Math/Stat Department Dinner

Monthly Math/Stat Department Dinner 5:30pm

All are welcome. Free for students without meal plans.

Mission Park Dining Hall  
The Just-in-Time Job Search!

The Just-in-Time Job Search! 7:00pm

If you've been feeling down about the lack of clarity or closure in your summer or postgrad plans - don't despair! Much of the "real world" doesn't follow...

Paresky Center  

Monday, May 6

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