Monday, April 29

Chinese Language Table

Chinese Language Table 12:00pm

Come and eat lunch with Chinese faculty, Language Fellows and students of Chinese. All are welcome, from beginners to native speakers. The Language Table...

Mission Park  
A Trajectory Smoothing and Clustering Method for the Identification of Potent shRNAs

A Trajectory Smoothing and Clustering Method... 1:00pm

Alexander Greaves-Tunnell '13 Mathematics and Statistics Department Thesis Defense Abstract: RNA interference (RNAi) is a potent and specific mechanism of...

Bronfman Science Center  
Jaunting (Rising) Juniors: The Long-Distance Search

Jaunting (Rising) Juniors: The Long-Distance... 7:00pm

Are you studying abroad in the Fall or for the entire year? Then come find out how to apply, explore, and otherwise advance your career exploration pursuits...

Mears House  

Monday, April 29

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