Thursday, April 25

Chinese Language Table

Chinese Language Table 12:00pm

Come and eat lunch with Chinese faculty, Language Fellows and students of Chinese. All are welcome, from beginners to native speakers. The Language Table...

Mission Park  
How Did YOU Get There? Faith, Work, Pad Thai!

How Did YOU Get There? Faith, Work, Pad Thai! 12:30pm

Might your "vocation" or work calling stem from your faith? How can you find work that allows you to express and fulfill your deepest values? Come eat...

Mears House  
Make-Your-Own-Electricity Demonstration  and Workout

Make-Your-Own-Electricity Demonstration and... 4:00pm

For Energy day of No Impact Week, there will be a Make-Your-Own-Electricity Demonstration and Workout in Upper Lasell. Members of the Zilkha Center will...

The Uninvited

The Uninvited 5:00pm

Please join us for a public lecture by and conversation with Christopher Wood, Professor of Art History at Yale University on "The Uninvited." Thursday,...

Lawrence Hall  
Anthropology & Sociology Spring Semester Colloquium

Anthropology & Sociology Spring Semester... 7:00pm

In a lecture named "The Country Under My Skin: The Emotional Entanglements of Scholarship", famous sociologist and ethnographer Kristen Ghodsee will discuss...

Griffin Hall  
International Studies: Global Health Track Presentations

International Studies: Global Health Track... 7:00pm

Erica Wu, Uttara Partap, Jackline Odhiambo, Ahn Nguyen, Emily Chapman and Bianca Martinez will be giving 10-15 minute presentations on their senior exercise...

Griffin Hall  
The Most Secret Place on Earth - Film Screening

The Most Secret Place on Earth - Film Screening 7:00pm

A film about the secret CIA operation in Laos involving guerilla factions that cost hundreds of lives yet received no coverage.Find out what happened during...

Paresky Auditorium  

Cap and Bells Presents: THE ART OF REMEMBERING... 7:30pm

Cap & Bells is proud to present two short student-directed plays in repertory this Thursday 4/24, Friday 4/25 and Saturday 4/26 at 7:30pm. First up is THE...

CenterStage, ’62 Center  
Community Forum on the College  Sustainability Plan

Community Forum on the College Sustainability... 8:00pm

CEAC (the Campus Environmental Advisory Committee) will be running a forum for No Impact Week about the college's efforts to develop a campus sustainability...

Goodrich Hall  
Energy-Saving Study Party

Energy-Saving Study Party 8:00pm

For Energy day of No Impact Week, Thursday Night Grassroots has reserved Wege Auditorium as a room for people to come together to study and thus consolidate...

Thompson Chemistry  

Thursday, April 25

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