Friday, April 12

Gaudino Information Session

Gaudino Information Session 12:00pm

Learn about Gaudino Fellowships, the Refugees in Maine Winter Study, the application process for becoming a Gaudino Fellow, and hear about experiences from...

Schapiro Hall  
Italian Language Table

Italian Language Table 12:00pm

Come and have lunch with faculty and students of Italian. All are welcome, from beginners to native speakers.

Paresky Center  
Log Lunch, Invasive Species and the 2011 Japan Earthquake and  Tsunami

Log Lunch, Invasive Species and the 2011 Japan... 12:00pm

Coming to America: Giant Docks, Oyster Buoys, Invasive Species and the March 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, James Carlton, Professor of Marine Sciences,...

The Log  
Who Am I and Where Am I Going?

Who Am I and Where Am I Going? 12:00pm

A companion to the "How Do I Get There?" job search workshop, this self-assessment seminar will help you figure out your interests, strengths, and values. ...

Paresky Center  
Dr. Henry Wortis, Tufts School of Medicine

Dr. Henry Wortis, Tufts School of Medicine 1:10pm

BIMO Class of 1960s Scholar Lecture "Using genetics to understand age-related loss of immune resistance to infection" People are living longer. As they...

Thompson Biology  
Searching for New Physics

Searching for New Physics 2:30pm

Please join Prof. Elizabeth Freeland of Benedictine University for a joint Physics and Astronomy colloquium entitled, "Searching for New Physics: Neutral...

Thompson Physics  
CDE Country Talks: Politics in the Caucasus

CDE Country Talks: Politics in the Caucasus 2:45pm

International Studies Colloquium with CDE Fellows: Fuad Mammadov (Azerbaijan), Giorgi Mamatelashvili (Georgia), Hayk Ayvazyan (Armenia), and Nikoloz Gagua...

Schapiro Hall  
Sigma Xi Lecture Series - Susan Loepp

Sigma Xi Lecture Series - Susan Loepp 4:15pm

Professor Susan Loepp of the Mathematics/Statistic Department will be presenting a talk titled "Using Algebra to Protect Your Personal Information". ...

Thompson Chemistry  
KoW Spring Dinner

KoW Spring Dinner 5:30pm

Come to KoW's annual Spring Dinner for a night filled with delicious Korean food, cultural performances, and good company! Admission is free but spots are...

First Congregational Church  
"A Home-y Feeling" Coffeehouse

"A Home-y Feeling" Coffeehouse 7:30pm

All Acoustic Alliance, Dodd Neighborhood, and Lehman Council are organizing a coffeehouse this spring on Friday, April 12th. It's goal (outside of just...

Dodd House  
Spring '13 Planetarium Shows

Spring '13 Planetarium Shows 7:30pm

Please join us each Friday starting February 1st through May 10th for our planetarium shows given by our own Williams students, Muzhou Lu '13, Connor Dempsey...

Adam Mamawala

Adam Mamawala 8:00pm

ACE's *Spring Fling 2013* presents the man, the legend, Mr. Adam Mamawala. Named one of Funny or Die's "Top 30 Under 30: Comedians to Watch" Mamawala has...

Paresky Center  
April 12:  Carnival: Masquerade! (A SoCA and WAD Collaboration)

April 12: Carnival: Masquerade! (A SoCA and... 8:00pm

In preparation for SoCA’s Carnival Dance Party on Saturday, April 20th, join us from 8pm to 10pm in Baxter Hall to create a unique masquerade mask so that...

Paresky Center  
Carnival: Masquerade

Carnival: Masquerade 8:00pm

Join us and create your own masquerade! Virgin cocktails will be provided!

Paresky Center  
Dance Dhamaka Presents: Monsoon

Dance Dhamaka Presents: Monsoon 8:00pm

Spring is ending, and though the flowers are slowly giving way to the verdant leaves of summer, there’s the scent of something new, something exciting in the...

MainStage, ’62 Center  
WIPE Williams Percussion Ensemble

WIPE Williams Percussion Ensemble 8:00pm

In a program featuring cutting edge new and experimental music, and important works of the twentieth-century, WiPE surveys a vast terrain of sound and...

Chapin Hall  

Friday, April 12

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