Thursday, January 24

Dead Week Trip

Dead Week Trip

Williams Transport provides transportation to/from Albany, Boston, and NYC for Dead Week. Purchase tickets through PeopleSoft!

Mission Park, Albany, Boston, NYC  
How'd YOU Get There? Creative Career Mentors

How'd YOU Get There? Creative Career Mentors 12:00pm

Follow up Wednesday nite's dramatic presentation by writer/illustrator team Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr (both Class of '97) with an opportunity for...

Paresky Center  
How to Guard an Art Museum

How to Guard an Art Museum 1:00pm

Tara Deonauth '13 Mathematics and Statistics Department Colloquium Abstract: In 1973, Chvatal proved that at most n/3 guards are need to guard a simple...

Bronfman Science Center  
Landscape Photography Slide Presentation

Landscape Photography Slide Presentation 1:00pm

Students in the Winter Study course Landscape Photography will be giving a slide presentation of their photos taken during their course. All are welcome to...

Clark Hall  
Who Am I and Where Am I Going?

Who Am I and Where Am I Going? 3:00pm

This is a companion to the "How Do I Get There?" job-hunting workshop - self-assessment is how you will know what kind of job you are looking for! Figuring...

Mears House  
Fiscal Cliff: A Discussion

Fiscal Cliff: A Discussion 5:45pm

Come join the Eph Business Association for a discussion about the fiscal cliff with Professor Kenneth Kuttner from the Williams Economics Department and Liz...

Griffin Hall  

Thursday, January 24

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