Monday, December 10

Alumni Sponsored Internship Program Information Session

Alumni Sponsored Internship Program Information... 3:00pm

The Alumni Sponsored Internship Program (ASIP) provides $3,200 grants for sophomores and juniors who want an eight-week, unpaid, non-profit internships for...

Mears House  
Flavor Tripping Party

Flavor Tripping Party 4:00pm

Trip out on Miracle Berries and be amazed. "Miracle Berries" are fruits that, when eaten, increase the perceived sweetness of sour foods consumed afterwards....

Dodd House  
Disaster Relief and Affordable Housing in Williamstown, MA: A Study of Site Feasibility and Public Opinion

Disaster Relief and Affordable Housing in... 5:00pm

Public presentation of research findings by Alexandra Carr, Zara Currimjee, Karina Hofstee and Caroline Schulman

Thompson Chemistry  
Jaunting Juniors - Searching from Abroad

Jaunting Juniors - Searching from Abroad 7:00pm

Tips from Director of Career Discovery Program and Director of Fellowships on how to prepare before you leave for studying abroad, resources and deadlines to...

Mears House  

Monday, December 10

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